COAL FLOW – 2017

model year 2017 bikes become available 12/2016 (pre-order now) € 2.899*




The COAL FLOW complete bike is equipped with the Yari RC fork by Rock Shox and a matching Monarch with DebonAir option. The goal of the FLOW version is to provide the latest technology, such as Sram GX 11-speed drive train and lightweight Sram Guide 4-piston brakes, at a very reasonable price without scarifying performance and reliability. Click on the Spec tab above to read the full specification details.

The COAL FLOW is the perfect enduro bike for riders looking for a superior suspension design and versatile bike. The stiff single pivot design uses a set of links and rockers to create the desired suspension characteristics: Sensitive at the beginning for lots of grip, well controlled throughout the mid travel to improve ground feedback and progressive towards the end of stroke. The COAL frame looks very similar compared to it’s precursor, the HERB 160, but the frame was completely redesigned to offer the same cinematic characteristics with 650b wheels. Click on the Frame Spec tab to explore all frame details.

Great geometry paired with the rising rate suspension design, allows you to jump this playful bike easily. The slack head angle allows you to commit yourself to the berms ahead without hesitation. Explore the geometry details by clicking on the Geometry tab.


The photos show the bike with optional equipment. The exact part list is given in the Spec tab.


* The indicated price may vary for different product versions, value added tax is included, visit for availability information, ordering, terms and conditions.


The photos show a pre-production sample equipped with components that can differ from the COAL FLOW equipment The exact part list is given below.

ModelCOAL FLOW (2017)
frameCOAL (V1)
sizessmall, medium, large, x-large
coloursblack anodized, transparent blue powder coated, transparent red powder coated
forkRock Shox Yari RC, Solo Air, 160 mm, Boost 15x110mm axle, matte black
shockRock Shox Monarch RT, Debon Air, Tune LM, 216 x 63 mm, black
head setCane Creek 40
stemKore Repute, 50 mm, 31.8, black (35 mm option available)
handle barKore Torsion, 800 mm wide, 20 mm rise
gripsKore Contour, lock-on, black
brakesSram Guide R, black, front 200 mm, rear 180 mm
shifterSram GX Trigger, 1x11
derailleurSram GX, 1x11
crankSram NX, 175 mm, direct mount 30T steel sprocket (for increased life time)
bottom bracketSram GXP Team
chainSram PCX1
cassetteSram XG1150, 10-42 T
wheelsDT Swiss, E1900 Spline, 650b, 15x110 front, 12x148 rear, 6-bolt disc mount
tire, frontSchwalbe Magic Mary, TSC, Evolution, Snakeskin
tire, rearSchwalbe Nobby Nic, TSC, Evolution, Snakeskin
tubesSchwalbe Extra-Light
seatKore Frazer SL black
seat postKore OCD, 350 mm, black
seat clampquick release clamp
pedalsnot included
weight13,6 kg
optionsPlease contact us for your individual requests for optional parts. In general all parts that are used on any of our bikes are available - as long as they are compatible.
12-speed optionIf you wish to upgrade this bike to 12-speed, all of the following components must be changed to Sram XO1 Eagle: shifter, derailleur, chain, crank and cassette. Please get in contact with us for pricing information.
The information presented here is subject to change without notice.

example forkPike PikePikePike
fork travel160 mm160 mm160 mm160 mm
fork + head set552 + 4 mm552 + 4 mm552 + 4 mm552 + 4 mm
reach405 mm430 mm450 mm475 mm
stack587 mm592 mm601 mm615 mm
chain stay length428 mm428 mm428 mm428 mm
steering angle65°65°65°65°
seat angle (effective)75°75°75°75°
seat angle (actual)69,2°70,1°70,9°71,6°
head tube length105 mm110 mm120 mm135 mm
stand over height731 mm734 mm735 mm747 mm
wheel base1151 mm1178 mm1202 mm1233 mm
seat tube length390 mm400 mm450 mm510 mm
bottom bracket drop6 mm6 mm6 mm6 mm
A note to horizontal top tube length comparisons:
The horizontal top tube length is measured from the center of the upper end of the head tube to the seat tube center line. With modern full suspension frames showing a difference between actual and effective seat angle these values have become difficult to compare. It needs to be clearly indicated if the measurement is taken with the actual or effective seat tube center line. The effective one is much more relevant.
effective horiz. top tube length562 mm589 mm611 mm640 mm
actual horiz. top tube length563 mm584 mm603 mm628 mm
The information presented here is subject to change without notice.

Frame Spec
The COAL is our most versatile bike and everyday favorite. The bike has 160 mm travel and rolls on 650b wheels. The highly progressive suspension design is a refined version of the HERB 160. It provides excellent ground feedback and control, even in the roughest terrain. The careful placement of the main pivot in a forward position eliminates pedaling influences. The COAL maintains short chain stays, features a longer top tube, slacker head angle and lower bottom bracket. Designing every frame part from scratch, we shaved off the unnecessary weight and kept the frame strong and stiff in the important places. This bike will take you anywhere and beyond.

Geometry and Sizing

Geometry is one of the key factors when designing a bike, because it affects the riding qualities in a big way. Correct reach, seat angle and bottom bracket height will give you a good position in the bike. Head angle and chain stay length will affect the maneuverability of your bike. The 65 degree head angle will allow you to commit to berms with ease and confidence. The 428 mm short chain stays affect the vertical maneuverability, making it easy to manual and take off on small lips. The lightness of the frame adds up to the liveliness of the ride.


For proper sizing we offer the frame in four sizes, ranging from small to x-large. Each frame size is optimized for low stand over height and a short seat tube. The short seat tubes allow everyone to use dropper seat posts with plenty of travel. New for the COAL is the steeper 75 degree seat angle which boosts pedal efficiency. Modern frames typically face the challenge of short chain stays, which can lead to collisions of the tire with the seat tube. Therefore the seat tube is moved forward and slightly angled backwards. At a certain extension the actual seat tube center line meets with the theoretical one, which starts from the bottom bracket center. The COAL frame is the first frame in our line up to reflect this difficulty. Every frame size has a different actual seat angle, which will create an effective 75 degree seat angle at the extension, that is typical for the rider size appropriate to the frame size. This way we have to manufacture many frame parts in size specific versions, but it is worth the effort.

LAST COAL Seat angle

Choosing the correct frame size is done in the most reliable way by test riding the bike. We offer this possibility in our show room and on many testivals. You may also refer to our sizing guidelines: small from 152 – 166 cm, medium 164-180 cm, large 178 – 190 cm, x-large 188-202 cm. These recommendations are based on a stem length of 50 mm. If you are in doubt about the correct frame size, don´t hesitate to contact us.

In the photo you can see our four different sizes, which are small, medium, large and x-large, as well as you can see our three different color options.
LAST COAL All sizes

Material and Frame Design

Front and rear triangle of the COAL are welded from tubes, profiles and CNC machined parts made of 6013 aluminum. In the heat threated condition this alloy has significantly improved fatigue characteristics compared to traditional 7005 and 6061 aluminum alloys. Combined with the smooth welding lines, which reduce stress concentrations at the transition from tube to weld seam, this material is one big factor that keeps the weight down.

The extensive machining of many frame parts add up to the lighter weight of 2,89 kg. The tubes are custom butted for the COAL in order to provide load specific wall thicknesses for each section of the tube. The profiles for the rear triangle are custom drawn with variable wall thickness across their section. This allows for a slimmer yet stiff construction. The whole upper linkage has been slimmed down with regard to its lateral extension to improve the ergonomics.


The bearings we use, are full complement sealed precision bearings. Full complement means, that there is no cage retaining the balls. Therefore it is possible to use more balls, which increases the load capacity and stiffness of the bearing. All bolt heads of the linkage are flush and provide good protection for the bearings against hose water and dirt by creating a labyrinth. The small holes can be used to lube the bearings. The lube will displace the water and protect the bearings from corrosion.


Dropouts and Through Axle

The COAL allows to fit 142 mm and 148 mm wide hubs. The adjustment is made by a small insert on the disk brake side and the matching derailleur eye. For added cross compatibility we have changed the axle to a standard X12-Type which exists in versions with and without quick release. Independently from the hub width the axle must be for 148 mm width. The thread for the axle is placed in an insert on the drive side. This allows repair in case you strip the threads.

LAST COAL Rear end

The disc brake mount is now integrated with the drop out and provides a mounting position for Postmount 180 brakes. There are threads in the drop out, because it is the lightest option. In case you damage the threads, the drop outs have pockets to fit barrel nuts, which means you can easily continue to use your frame. The added weight for the longer bolts and barrel nut applies just in case you need them.

LAST COAL Dropouts

LAST COAL Dropouts photo

For 142 mm wide hub configurations it is necessary to use a special 3 mm thick spacer which is placed between the hub and the disc. The spacer will position the disc in the proper position to work with the PM180 brake mount. The spacer is provided with each frame.

Bottom Bracket and ISCG Mount

The bottom bracket is a conventional, threaded BSA type in 73 mm width. The bottom bracket shell, the main pivot housing and the ISCG 05 tabs are machined from a single piece. The bottom bracket area offers enough clearance to fit regular and Boost crank sets. The only combination we do not recommend is a Boost crank with a 142 mm rear wheel, all other combinations are good.

Head Tube

The head tube is fully CNC machined and designed to match with Zerostack type headsets (ZS44 top, ZS56 bottom).

LAST COAL Head tube

Cable Routing

The cable for the dropper post runs internally through the downtube and seat tube. The shift and brake cables run on the down tube. They are bolt on type, which means you can swap them according to your needs – for example 3 cables if you run a remotely actuated lockout. A bottle cage can be mounted on the down tube.



The shifting is crisp, because the shift cable runs almost straight. Near the main pivot it runs through the stay of the rear triangle and continues it way on the chain stay. A proper chain stay protector which will also cover the cable is in the works.

LAST COAL cables


Frame decals are available in various colors. Our standard decal colors are black decals on black frames, blue decals on blue frames and red decals on red frames. If you want to personalize your decal color, feel free to choose one of the colors below.

LAST COAL decals

26 Inch Compatibility

The COAL is designed for 650b but with small changes it is very well suited for 26 inch. To compensate for the smaller wheel diameter, there is a longer link which will adjust the position of the rear wheel accordingly. For the front we offer a special head set cup. This cup has an increased stack height and will compensate the smaller wheel diameter. The result will be minimal geometry changes (less than 0,5°) and almost the same bottom bracket height. When purchasing the frame only, you can choose the option for the longer Link free of charge.

LAST COAL adapter

* The indicatet price may vary for different product versions, value added tax included , visit for details and terms and conditions.

Frame Standards and Dimensions

ModelCOAL (V01)
sizessmall (152-166 cm), medium (164-180 cm), large (178-190 cm), x-large (188-202 cm)
coloursblack anodized, transparent blue powder coated, (transparent red powder coated only pre-orders until 1st Dec)
materialcustom butted 6013 aluminum
rear travel160 mm
max. fork travel180 mm
shock eye to eye216 mm and 210 mm for the metric shocks (to use a metric shock in your existing COAL (V1) you will need to change to the new rocker arms Art. No. 001927 and 001926). If you order a new frame you may choose between metric and the old standard shock length.
air volume settinghigh volume options preferred, no volume spacers recommended
compatible metric shocks 1Rock Shox Superdeluxe RC3, M/M tune, Debonair, 210 x 55 mm
compatible metric shocks 2Rock Shox Deluxe RT3, M/M tune, Debonair, 210 x 55 mm
compatible metric shocks 3Cane Creek DB [IL] 210 x 55 mm
further metric shocksThere may be more shocks on the market that fit with our frame. The above given shocks are tested and confirmed. If you test a new combination yourself, you´re welcome to let us know the result. If you have specific questions, please contact us for advice.
compatible shocks 1Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 / RC, medium compression tune, low rebound tune and Debonair options recommended
compatible shocks 2
Rock Shox Monarch RC3 / RC, medium compression tune and, low rebound tune and Debonair options recommended
compatible shocks 3Rock Shox Vivid Air R2C, medium compression tune recommended
compatible shocks 4Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS
compatible shocks 5Cane Creek Inline CS
further shock optionsregular shocks should fit with the frame, as soon as we have approved a shock we will add it to the list
shock hardware, top30,0 x 8 mm
shock hardware, bottom22,2 x 8 mm
seat post size31,6 mm diameter
seat post clamp size34,9 mm diameter
cable guides for the dropper postinternally routed through the down tube
cable guides for brakesexternally routed for ease of service
cable guides for shiftingexternally routed, direct routing path for improved shifting
bottle cage lugson the down tube, for frame size S only small bottles can be used or the cage must be mounted in the lower position and a shock without piggy back must be used
bearingssealed cartige bearings, full complement bearings
bearing size15 x 28 x 7 mm
head tubetapered style, 44 mm top, 56 mm bottom, entirely CNC machined
head set sizesemi integrated, 44 mm top, 56 mm bottom
compatible tire sizes650B up to 2,5 inch, depending on tire and rim combination
disc mount standardPostmount 180 mm, damaged threads can be replaced with barrel nuts that fit in the frame. No additional weight unless you strip the threads and nee to use the nuts.
max disc size203 mm
bottom bracket standardthreaded, BSA, 73 mm
chain device mountISCG 2005
front derailleurnot possible, intended for single front ring
chain line49 mm - 52 mm, which means regular and Boost cranks will fit
Q-factorMin. 168 mm (156 mm does not work).
rear axle12 mm through axle, compatible with DT Swiss and Syntace offerings (148 mm Boost versions)
hub width148 mm standard, optional 142 mm with special derailleur eye and disc brake side spacer
frame weightmedium 2890 g
large 2990 g
The information presented here is subject to change without notice.

* The indicatet price may vary for different product versions, value added tax included, visit for details and terms and conditions.

Intentional Use

Intentional use

LAST suspension frames are designed for use on non motorized bicycles only. The frame is inceredibly strong, but incidental or repeated abuse or crashes can damage the frame and reduce it’s structural strength and useful life. Remember that extreme riding is dangerous and that you ride on your own risk. Use safety gear and ride carefully.

The LAST COAL is intended for use according to category 4 desribed in ASTM F2043-13 Standard Classification for Bicycle Usage.

Category 1 – This is a set of conditions for the operation of a bicycle on a regular paved surface where the tires are intended to maintain ground contact.
Category 2 – This is a set of conditions for the operation of a bicycle that includes Condition 1 as well as unpaved and gravel roads and trails with moderate grades. In this set of conditions, contact with irregular terrain and loss of tire contact with the ground may occur. Drops are intended to be limited to 15cm (6“) or less.
Category 3 – This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includes Condition 1 and Condition 2 as well as rough trails, rough unpaved roads, and rough terrain and unimproved trails that require technical skills. Jumps and drops are intended to be less than 61cm (24“).
Category 4 – This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includes Conditions 1, 2, and 3, or downhill grades on rough trails at speeds less than 40 km/h (25 mph), or both. Jumps are intended to be less than 122cm (48“).
Category 5 – This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includes Conditions 1, 2, 3, and 4; extreme jumping; or downhill grades on rough trails at speeds in excess of 40 km/h (25 mph); or a combination thereof.

*CAUTION – Maximum fork lenght (axle to crown) is 562 mm. Run the frame only with the shocks ordered as original equipment. Fitting other shocks needs to be approved by LAST.

*Removing the surface finish (paint, powder coating, anodizing) and riding the frame without appropriate surface finish is dangerous and will void the warranty. Removing the surface finish increases the corrosion rate of the frame material and it’s structural strength will be drastically reduced.

*Assembly, maintenance, repairs and inspection work must be carried out by professional bike mechanics or similar qualified persons using the required tools.

User Manual

User Manual

Press and Reviews

BIKE 10/2016 (Germany) – “VERY GOOD”

“Very good” for the LAST COAL Enduro bike! Thanks to BIKE Magazin for the review. Here is a short quote:
“The Coal SL knows no limits downhill. A balanced geometry and an outstanding rear suspension give huge reserves in difficult terrain. In steep terrain the flat steering angle provides a lot of security, the very short chain stays make the bike agile and playful.”(translated)

“Sehr gut” für das LAST COAL Endurobike! Danke ans BIKE Magazin für den Test. Hier ein kurzer Auszug:
“Das Coal SL kennt bergab keine Grenzen. Eine ausgewogene Geometrie und ein überragender Hinterbau verleihen im schwierigen Gelände enorme Reserven. Im steilen Gelände bietet der flache Lenkwinkel viel Sicherheit, die sehr kurzen Kettenstreben machen das Bike wendig und verspielt.”

Den ganzen Text gibt´s im Heft 10/2016 am Kiosk oder bei iTunes und Google Play.

World Of MTB 05/2016 (Germany) – Best in test

Read here what World of MTB Magazine writes about our new LAST COAL.

Translated conclusion:

“The long development time has paid off and the LAST COAL TRAIL was the favorite in this enduro test. The test crew was especially convinced by the handling, the riding behavior and the sophisticated equipment. “

This is the original quote of the conclusion:

“Die lange Entwicklungszeit hat sich gelohnt und LAST hat mit seinem COAL TRAIL auf Anhieb die Favoritenrolle in diesem Enduro-Test übernommen. Überzeugt hat die Testcrew vor allem das Fahrwerk, das Fahrverhalten und die durchdachte Ausstattung.”

The full test featured in World of MTB 05/2016 can be downloaded here (PDF-Document).

Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

If you have a problem with your frame, please follow our Crash Replacement Program to get help.



Frame decals are available in various colors. Our standard decal colors are black decals on black frames, blue decals on blue frames and red decals on red frames. If you want to personalize your decal color, feel free to choose one of the colors below or get our vector data, to print it your way.

LAST COAL decals