Herb 160 (2012)

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The HERB 160 is designed as an enduro and long travel all mountain bike. Looking at the slack head angle of this bike you will quickly notice that this bike is all about great handling on your way down.

The slack geometry is one aspect of this bike. Other major ingredients are the suspension design and the stiff frame construction. We think that for the enduro rider is is most important to have an efficient bike. This is realized by the HERB 160 by balancing suspension performance, the amount of travel, handling characteristics and bike feedback.

The frame uses the common modern features like tapered head tube, cable guides for dropper seat posts and both ISCG 2001 and ISCG 2005 chain device mounts.

We have build the HERB 160 and the HERB 180 frame on the same platform, which means by changing the rocker you convert your HERB 160 into a HERB 180. Have a look in the Technology section to read more about this feature and other technologies we applied to make this bike (as exceptionally good) as it is.



Active Suspension Design

Linkage operated shock combined with a single pivot rear triangle. The linkage designs generates a linear beginning and mid stroke kinematics with progressive end of stroke ratio. This suspension characteristic is the optimum for excellent performance when not only suspension performance but also feedback from the bike counts. This characteristics gives you a better feeling for the bike and the ground, allowing to push through wobbles and to jump easily. We think the main suspension characteristics should be a result of the kinematics and not of the shock. Especially the air shock allows you to adjust the progression of the suspension system, but it can not be designed as freely as the kinematics of a linkage can. That´s why we believe kinematics should do the main job of defining suspension progression and the shock should be used to do the individual fine tune. Another important point is the pivot placement. Pivot palcement mainly affects two things, wheel path and climbing efficiency. Most hits on the rear wheel come from the bottom and from the front. Therefore it is desireable to have an upwards and rearwards wheel path. Generally this is difficult to achieve with any type of suspension design. Old school high pivot realize this quite well, but the are no option because of the pedal force inducing movements of the suspension. Our single pivot design, i. e. no additional pivot between the main pivot and the rear axle, provides a better wheel path than most other designs. The pivot placement – relatively high and before the bottom bracket – is crucial for that. This design results in a little extra weight, but increases the suspension performance noticeably. The exact placement of the main pivot is crucial for the climbing efficiency. We claim to have optimized that pretty well, but it´s on yourself to test the uphill efficiency. Finally we believe that any additional pivot between the rear axle and the main pivot would reduce the stiffness of the frame and thus reduce it´s overall performance.

160 / 180 Conversion Kit

This frame allows you to switch the rockers between the 160 mm and 180 mm travel version. Effectively this changes converts your HERB 160 to a HERB 180 and vice versa, because the frame platform for rear and front triangle is identic. When changing the rocker not only the travel is changed, but also the geometry is adjusted appropriately and the suspension characteristics are changed a bit. The longer stroke version stays a bit more linear in the mid stroke, allowing the frame to deal better with medium hard impacts. At the end of stroke both systems get progressive but to a different degree. The 180 mm version is conceptioned more as a Freeride bike, while the 160 mm version is Enduro friendly. This means the 160 offers a maximum of suspension efficiency and feedback by using its limited travel in the best way. The 180 is optimized to handle really rough terrain providing DH bike alike performance in a package that can be pedaled up the hill easily.

Triple Dropouts

On this frame you can install three different rear axle Systems, all through axle systems. The standard version is 142×12 mm (compatible with X-12 standard wheels), the options are 150×12 mm through axlead 135×12 mm through axle,. To switch between the systems simply change the derailleur eye and the disc plate. 150 mm rear wheels will give the bike additional stiffness by reducing the flex of the spokes.

7000 series custom butted aluminum

The frame is designed without gussets because we use our very specially butted tube set. This design provides a clean look and supports the frame in highly stressed regions. Wall thickness on the rear triangle is specific for left and right side to handle brake and chain pull forces.

Kappa Surface

The surface of the welded and heat threated frame is ball burnished with balls of a specific size in order that the surface of the frame material is compressed. This compression leads to compression stress in the material. The compression stress changes the load factor Kappa, which leads to longer life of the frame structure.

C-Plus Bearings

Full complement bearings are used on all pivots. The additional balls provide a higher load capacity (C0 and Cdyn). The higher load capacity leads to greater stiffness and durability. To protect the bearings against corrosion, we decided to use stainless steel material. All bearings are cartridge type industrial grade bearings with two seals. Whenever possible the bearings are protected by the bolt heads and additional o-rings.

Geometry and Specification

Geometry and Specification

User Manual

User Manual

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