ICE (V1)



Will our ICE frame be your next dirt and street hard tail? LAST team rider Hendrik Tafel´s signature frame has tons of innovative features combined with light weight and clean design:

Investment Casted Drop Outs

Using the casting process to manufacture the drop outs gave us full choice of design for the drop outs. We used this freedom to give them a shape that flows smoothly into the chain stays and seat stays. This design reduces stresses and flex, allowing a lighter and more compact design.

Inside Post Mount

A proprietary way to mount the disc brake from the inside. Our post mount brackets create a slick looking frame and give you full post mount compatibility. The possibility to use the inside post mount is closely related to the use of the investment casted drop outs, which allow to integrate the necessary mounting faces and let us realize a load optimized shape. The adapters are available in 140 mm and 160 mm sizes and in matching anodized colors. If you decide to run brakeless, no disturbing brake tabs will be visible. You can take off the screw on style cable guides as well.

Integrated Chain Tensioners

A classic design that was created for our RUFUS frames, now integrated in the new investment casted drop outs. The chain tensioners allow you to adjust and maintain the chain tension without any tools.

Custom Butted 4130 Tubes

Been gifted with years of experience creating hard tail steel frames for the more extreme practices of our sport, we created this light weight tub set. The tube material is the classic high quality 4130 steel grade, manufactured by Sanko in Japan. The tubes undergo multiple butting processes, resulting in tubes that have a manifold of wall thicknesses to match the applied loads. We also apply a tapering process for the seat stays, giving them good support in the welding are to the seat tube and having a more delicate diameter towards the drop out. The tube set is heat treated before welding, but not hardened. We believe that the hardening process should not be applied on a steel frame, because it reduces the sought after ability of the steel to deform before it cracks. Another point is that the hardening may improve the strength of the material, allowing it to withstand greater loads, but it is regularly recognized that hardening reduces fatigue strength, resulting in cracks after a certain time of intense use. This is why use the hardening process only for parts that need dimensional stability (for example to support bearing seats) and that are not subject to fatigue cracks: bottom bracket shell, head tube and drop outs.

Offset Head Tube

The head tube is offset machined, which means you have a greater wall thickness in the welding area and a thinner wall on the front. This leads to a load optimized and light weight design.


The geometry of the frame is minimal variation on the basis of our previous models. We did not do major changes since Hendrik Tafel was happy with the geometry of the CORD frame he rode previously. The frame is characterized by it’s short chain stays that allow easy handling in tight section and the skate park. The moderate length top tube in combination with the moderate head angle give you control and safety on bigger jumps. The geometry is optimized for 100 mm travel forks. An 80 mm travel fork will result in a slightly steeper head angle and a few mm lower bottom bracket.

Integrated Head Set

The head tube is machined to accept integrated head sets. Integrated head sets use angular contact bearings which do not need to be pressed in the frame. Installation is easy, the look is clean and the weight is low.

Euro Bottom Bracket

Finally Hendrik Tafel took the decision that he wanted to be able to run any kind of crank, from BMX style 2- and 3-piece design to classic MTB style cranks, the euro size (BSA threading) is the only one to accept all of them.

Geometry and Specification

Geometry and Specification

User Manual

User Manual


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