Event Schedule

Event Schedule

Besides offering Testrides at our Showroom in Dortmund we offer Testrides across the country. At each venue there will be the opportunity to show up and test ride a bike on the parking (for example to check sizing) without any appointment. If you want to take a ride with us (approximately 1-2 hours), you need to inscribe for the event in advance. Inscriptions will be available via a web form about 2 weeks in advance of each event. Links to the inscription and a detailed time table will be found on this site.

Here are the dates that we already selected for 2016:

February, 20th – Glüder

February, 21st – Witten

March, 12th – Stuttgart FIND OUT MORE

March, 13th – Heidelberg FIND OUT MORE

April, 23rd-24th – Bikefestival Freiburg