Please read the FAQ before sending questions by email.

1. What is the warranty for LAST products?

Click here to get information on our warranty policies.

2. What is price of …?

Please contact a dealer or distributor in your country to get information on the local pricing. For quick reference use our web shop.

3. What is the weight of …? What is the length of …? What is geometry of …?

You’ll find all available information on our parts in the Product section of our website, have a look at the tab Specification which will appear on each product site.

4. How can I get free stickers?

For free stickers please send a stamped envelope with your address to the distributor of your country. If there is no distributor located in your country, we’re sorry that we can’t handle your request.

5. How can I get sponsored by LAST?

The distributor of your country is authorized and responsible for sponsoring. Please contact the distributor for your country. Addresses are given under Distributors on this web site. Make sure to send them a complete application including your personal data (age, address, …), information on your current activities, as well as a documentation of your past activities and your plans for the next 12 months. Reply to the question what the benefit of sponsoring you will be.