Bengels Canada Roadtrip

Canada Recap

Like the title says this post is all about the desert style landscapes between Kamloops and Kelowna. Unfortunately in Kelowna we didn’t get that much riding under our belts, same like last year. But who is complaining about five days of rain during a three months road trip?
The following pics are one part of our favorites from the last journey. Hope you enjoy and have already big plans for the upcoming season!

The second part of our photo recap is all about the Kootenay Mountains in the western part of BC. Big, vast mountains, cedar trees and old mining sides from the silver rush in the 19th century are significant for this area. We stayed around Nelson the Kootenay Capital for a few days. After that we’ve checked out an area somewhere in the mountains and stayed at a winter cabin between old mining features. The whole area is pretty impressive but the photos gonna speak for themselve…

Williams Lake was already on the list for last years journey but because of several incindents we didn’t make it. Due to this fact in 2012 we were looking forward even more and it was no disappointment at all. Williams Lake and the Cariboo County are little different to other places we have been to in BC. Its more a vast landscape with loads of hills, gullies and rivers.
Biggest business of the region is logging we’ve noticed and in their spare time the folks like to be in the outdoors. Mountainbiking has got kind of a long history there and it doesn’t matter if building or riding, they do it on a freakin’ high level. We were lucky enough to ride with some ballsy locals showing us what Cariboo gravitiy mountainbiking is all about.
If you are planning to do a bike riding trip to BC go to Williams Lake and surroundings. They do not have any chair lifts but as long as you go to Red Shreds Bikeshop and get in touch with the locals you can’t get wrong.

Text: C. Fiene & P. Rasche
for more pictures visit the befablogsen crew