La Isla Bonita

La Palma Trip 2012

While the most german Bikeparks are preparing for the next Season, Jörg and me traveled to La Palma to visit our friends Tobias Woggon and Julia Hofmann and have some cool rides on this beautifull island.
Because I have been on La Palma 2 years ago i knew what was waiting for me and I was not getting disappointed. When we arrived we had best conditions like blue sky, 20°C and no rain all the time. At the first day we started with a small 20km downhill ride with a vertikal difference of nearly 1800 meters, which carried us through a volcane dessert and a nice Pine-Tree-Forrest and gave us a good view for the next days.
Because Tobias is guiding on La Palma since 4 years, he knows the best trails on the Island and we got circa 230km pure cycling with 23.000 vertikal meters in only 6 days on Bike, shuttled uphill by a Taxi.

Because we needed a few Days of recover, I spent some time with tourist-shopping, sightseeing and diving. The coast of La Palma is full of different kinds of fish and on my last day I saw a few moraines and my first Stingray in my life. Thanks to Alex from “Tauchpartner La Palma”(Divingpartner La Palma) for the great Tour under the Water.

Text: Jonathan Debus