Last Season Ride in Todtnau 2011


    During the last weekend of October, it happened again.

    “Papa Last” (Jörg Heydt) had called for the traditional “Season Ride” in Todtnau 
and it was an event that was eagerly awaited by many people. Everyone who was interested, owner or simply a lover of the LAST bikes 
was welcome.

A small part of the LAST family started in Freiburg shredding some old proven trails and getting warmed up for the weekend. And of
 course the party followed.

 For the next two days the bikepark Todnau was the place to be.
    It’s the oldest park in Germany and still very popular.


Many many red and white jerseys swept across the track and a lot of riders had loads of fun riding in a train. Jörg provided some 
test bikes and was ready to win the heart of many bikers.
    After incredible fun and good conditions all the people met each other
in “Andy’s Pfeffermühle” for a big meal and a hell of a party. 

For those who could, we started the day-after with an gorgeous breakfast buffet in “Andy’s Pfeffermühle”,
    before the
 riding started again. Another day at the great tracks followed.


Finally we closed up the weekend with a small photo session before everyone disappeared in different directions. Not the 
easiest job, because it was a really big crowd this year. Maybe you find the LAST lettering on the pics.
    What a hugely 
successful and funny weekend.

    Never miss our final season ride! (Katrin Karkhof)