Big Air FISE Marseille 2013

Antonis Report

Hi all,

here is my feedback on the Big Air FISE Marseille. A big contest to start the season live on Pinkbike, 26in, but also on TV channel MCSextreme!

I finished on 7th place in this event. I am not really satisfied with my place but as I told you I was going to did an objective, a special trick. A double backflip no hand (a world first ever) unfortunately I failed to achieve during my 3 tries. I was very close on my second attempt but my hand slipped on the bar…
Good overall but the contest is still well. I plate a big cliffhanger, one backflip superman, as well as during my first of two qualifying run in and a late double backflip (first rotation tense and slow and second rotation folded and fast). So I leave this contest without regret. I think I marked some spirit.

Highlight – Big Air Marseille 2013 – SFR FISE… von fise

Text: Antoni Villoni

Antoni – 7th place

4th place for Aiko

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