Debus back on track!

Johnny is already back on his Herb DH.

Since his clavicle fracture at the IXS European Downhill Cup in Todnau (Germany) 10 weeks ago, he was back in La Bresse for the World Cup.

He used the training and qualifying runs to check out his shoulder and do some training after his time out

(pictures by Lauriane Darbre)

Antoni – 7th place

4th place for Aiko

Test Last Herb 204

Last Bikes Pro Rider in 2013

Sorry, but there is a delay of the sea transport

new frames arriving soon!

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Take a look, we’re in love…

we <3 trails!

a lot of pictures online now!

Dirtmasters 2012 (german)

a great day, with a lot of cool people…

printed bikeporn!

Rockstar Machine V2.0