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The FASTFORWARD was originally designed by us in 2015 and was successfully realized with the support of a great community of backers on Kickstarter in 2016. Today we can clearly state that the concept of the frame is good and exactly what many customers were looking for.

The new version of the FASTFORWARD – called V2 – keeps the current features like the uncompromising geometry, the elegant steel frame and the option to run either 29 inch or 650B Plus wheels and includes some updated (described below).




The first prototypes already confirmed our approach that the bike will be agile, pairing short chain stays with a slack head angle. Often it‘s overlooked that you need confidence to commit to a berm – that‘s why the slack head angle is used. 29 inch wheels roll fast, 650+ wheels offer great traction and some comfort.


We use 4130 steel to build the frame. The high-strength material with custom butted wall thicknesses allows slim tubes. The main frame features straight tubes that create a classic and timeless shape. Chain tensioners are seamlessly integrated in the investment casted dropouts.




The geometry of the FASTFORWARD is designed to give you confidence mastering rough terrain with speed and to allow cornering with speed and control. We wanted to overcome the nervous feeling riding berms with common hard tails and archive the same sensation found on a modern full suspension bike, where you lean with full commitment into the turns. At first we rode the prototypes with a 64,5° head angle. During the testing period we noticed that an even slacker head angle of 64° was advantageous as it gave more confidence and provided that feeling we were looking for.

Another aspect was to create playfulness. This was realized by shortening the chain stays as much as possible. They are adjustable between 426 and 436 mm.

The steep seat angle helps the bike to increase pedal efficiency and allows you to benefit of the enormous climbing traction created by either 650+ or 29 inch tires.

With 29 inch and 650+ wheels having less then 10 mm difference in tire radius, it was possible to design one frame that can accept both sizes. We do not recommend to ride this 650  tires (i.E. tires below 2,6″) , as their radius is smaller, resulting in a lowish bottom bracket.

Comparing sizing

If you want to compare the values with full suspension bikes, please notice some hard tail specific effects: In riding position, the reach will increase and the stack will decrease due to the sag of the fork. With full suspension bikes the opposite is the case due to more sag on the rear suspension. Effectively the front will feel longer compared to a full suspension bike with the same reach. The table in the geometry tab shows the geometry without sag.

Sizing recommendations (please check that the seat tube length is sufficient for you):

medium 166 – 178 cm

large 176 – 188 cm

x-large 186 – 198 cm


Sizing will be influenced by your individual physiognomy, riding style, the stem length you run and the back sweep of your handle bar.

The following distances between bottom bracket axle and seat rails can be realized using a 150×430 mm Reverb Stealth:

Medium 525-740 mm

Large 575-790 mm

X-large 635-850 mm


High quality 4130 steel

The frames are TIG welded using Japanese Sanko 4130 CrMo steel. The tubes are custom butted to our design. The custom butting allows to concentrate material in the areas showing the highest mechanical stresses and to save material in the lower stressed areas.

Bottom bracket and ISCG-mount

The bottom bracket is BSA threaded for easy service and noise free operation. The FASTFORWARD features an ISCG 05 mount for a chain device. For the new V2 we have increased the thickness of the mount by 1 mm to add more strength.

Seat post size

With a seat tube diameter of 31,6 mm, the FASTFORWARD is ready for common dropper posts and has a cable access port on the lower part of the seat tube. We decided to go for the bigger seat tube diameter, despite the better damping of the thinner seat posts, because the 31,6 mm dropper seat posts are more robust compared to the thinner ones.


Inside disc brake mount

The disc brake bracket is mounted discretely from the back of the seat stay. The position of the disc brake mount can be adjusted to the actual position of the rear axle.


Tire clearance

Using 29 inch tires, the maximum tire size we guarantee is 2,35 inch. We even fitted a 29×2,5 inch Minion DHF II using a rim with 25 mm inside width. This means you have a good chance to use tires wider than 2,35 inch, but it is not guaranteed for all combinations.

If you build the bike with 650+ tires, 2,8 inch will fit perfectly. Tires up to 3,0 inch may fit depending on the individual tire/rim combination, but we feel that the 2,8 inch option is better, as it saves some weight that can be invested in the robustness of the tire side walls and offers additional clearance in the mud.

Head set size

We decided to combine an internal top with an external bottom head set to avoid an awkward looking head tube and to keep the weight down. For the top assembly you can use head sets that fulfill the requirements of IS42/28.6 and IS41/28.6 type according to SHIS (Standardized Headset identification Systems). This is no typo, you really can run the two sizes in this head tube. The reason for it is that the headset bearing sits on a 45 degree angled face. The bottom uses an external cup according to SHIS EC44/40. Please note that HOPE is selling a headset that seems to fit according to the name, but actually their internal standard top assembly is not compatible with the SHIS standard.


Cable guides

All cable guides of the FASTFORWARD are removable. In case you run singlespeed, simply remove them. If you need additional cables for a 2x set up simply change the cable guides with one hole to the two hole version.



Bottle Cage

You can mount a bottle cage on the down tube. We have arranged 4 threaded inserts on the lower part of the down tube to serve as cable guide mounting position or bottle cage mount. This creates some flexibility of the position for the bottle and the cable for the dropper post because all 4 holes have the “bottle cage distance”.


Asymmetric drive train

The FASTFORWARD will have an asymmetric positioning of the rear hub. This leads to a more symmetric spoke angle left and right. Moving the hub 6 mm towards the drive side increases the stiffness of the bigger wheels noticeably. For most wheels it will be possible to adjust the rim 6 mm to the side as the difference in required spoke length is only 0,8 mm. It also creates a nice chain line, reducing cassette and sprocket wear. The required minimum chain line depends on the size of the sprocket and can be seen in the table given in the “frame spec” tab on this site.

The hub mounting standard is 135 mm quick release type. The quick release is replaced with our axle that also keeps the derailleur eye in the right place. Derailleur eye and axle are included with the frame. It is also possible to run a 10 mm axle, for example in a single speed configuration.


Front Derailleur

The FASTFORWARD is compatible with Shimano side swing front derailleurs with low clamp option (FDM8020). Also the crank set FCM8000B2 (Boost version, max. 36T) will fit with the FASTFORWARD frame. For the additional front derailleur cable the singe cable guides on the down tube need to be replaced with the cable guides providing two holes.


The improvements are in the details: The tolerance for the seat tubes diameter has been altered, doing this more frames will be closer to the desired value. This is realised by using a different shape of the raw tube and a changed machining tool in combination with increased inspection. If necessary the seat tube is reamed again in our work shop before delivery. Furthermore the ISCG-tabs are 1 mm thicker now. New is also the integration of the chain tensioner on the drive side with the washer for the axle. This design creates a safe lock for the wheel and avoids slipping in the same way the derailleur eye does it on the drive side.

Safety washer


The frame is offered in five different powder coating colorways. The transparent colors green, blue and red and the clear coating will be done directly after the welding, which means that the welding zones are preserved with their typical look that is created by the heat affection.

All stickers are applied above the powder coating, which means they are easy to change.




example forkRock Shox Pike 29Rock Shox Pike 29Rock Shox Pike 29
fork travel140 mm140 mm140 mm
fork length + head set height551 + 1 mm551 +1 mm551 + 1 mm
reach425 mm450 mm475 mm
stack636 mm645 mm654 mm
chain stay length426-436 mm426-436 mm426-436 mm
steering angle64°64°64°
seat angle73,8°73,8°73,8°
head tube length108 mm118 mm128 mm
wheel base (51 mm fork offset)1191-1201 mm1220-1230 mm1250-1260 mm
seat tube length400 mm450 mm500 mm
bottom bracket drop-55 mm-55 mm-55 mm
The information presented here is subject to change without notice. All values given without sag.

Frame Spec
sizesmedium, large, x-large
coloursmatt black, transparent red, transparent green, transparent blue, clear coat, all colours are powder coated
stickersapplied above the final clear coat, which means they can be changed easily
frame materialSanko Japanese 4130 CrMo, custom multi butted
max. fork travel150 mm (optimized for 140 mm)
seat post size31,6 mm diameter
seat post cablerouting for stealth style dropper seat posts on the down tube, cables for external operation can be routed under the top tube
seat post clamp size34,9 mm diameter
head tubetapered, internally and externally offset CNC machined
head set size topIS41/28.6 and IS42/28.6 according to SHIS (Standardized Headset identification Systems)
Please note: Hope IS41 head sets do not fit. They are compatible with the used SHIS type.
head set size bottomEC44/40 according to SHIS (Standardized Headset identification Systems)
compatible tire sizes29 x 2,35" and 650B x 2,8"
(Values may depend on actual tire/rim combination, on the position of the axle in the drop outs and on the stiffness of the wheel. In our testing 29x2,5" Minion DHR II with 25 mm inside rim width was possible. Also 650Bx3,0 Schwalbe was possible with 40 mm inside rim width but the clearance is limited.)
disc mount standardPostmount 180 mm, removable inside Postmount bracket, max. 180 mm rotor size
cabel guidesremovable screw on guides on all tubes
bottle cage on the down tube, adjustable position
bottom bracket standard73 mm, BSA threaded
chain device mountISCG 2005 (We have increased the thickness, but you may be able to deform it using a taco style bash guard when hitting it hard.)
front derailleuronly Shimano SideSwing front derailleurs with low clamp, for example FDM8020 of the XT group set
dropoutsinvestment casted, integrated chain tensioners
hub width135 mm, hub is offset 6 mm towards the drive side
axle slots10 mm
maximum length of axle studs5,5 mm (otherwise the clamping of the hub may be impossible)
derailleur eyeincluded
chain lineThe minimum chain line depends on the chain ring size:
26T min. 48,3 mm
28T min. 50,2 mm
30 T min. 52 mm
32 T min. 53,4 mm
36 T min. 55,7 mm
Make sure your crank set fulfills these requirements.
weight2,6 kg
The information presented here is subject to change without notice.

* The indicatet price may vary for different product versions, value added tax included , visit for details and terms and conditions.

Intentional Use

Intentional use

LAST suspension frames are designed for use on non motorized bicycles only. The frame is inceredibly strong, but incidental or repeated abuse or crashes can damage the frame and reduce it’s structural strength and useful life. Remember that extreme riding is dangerous and that you ride on your own risk. Use safety gear and ride carefully.

The LAST FASTFORWARD is intended for use according to category 4 described in ASTM F2043-13 Standard Classification for Bicycle Usage.

Category 1 – This is a set of conditions for the operation of a bicycle on a regular paved surface where the tires are intended to maintain ground contact.
Category 2 – This is a set of conditions for the operation of a bicycle that includes Condition 1 as well as unpaved and gravel roads and trails with moderate grades. In this set of conditions, contact with irregular terrain and loss of tire contact with the ground may occur. Drops are intended to be limited to 15cm (6“) or less.
Category 3 – This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includes Condition 1 and Condition 2 as well as rough trails, rough unpaved roads, and rough terrain and unimproved trails that require technical skills. Jumps and drops are intended to be less than 61cm (24“).
Category 4 – This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includes Conditions 1, 2, and 3, or downhill grades on rough trails at speeds less than 40 km/h (25 mph), or both. Jumps are intended to be less than 122cm (48“).
Category 5 – This is a set of conditions for operation of a bicycle that includes Conditions 1, 2, 3, and 4; extreme jumping; or downhill grades on rough trails at speeds in excess of 40 km/h (25 mph); or a combination thereof.

User Manual

User Manual

Press and Reviews

BIKE Magazine – Review

Read here what BIKE Magazine writes about the FASTFORWARD.


“With the FASTFORWARD, LAST is no compromise. The deep black steel bike with its 64-er steering angle – not even Enduro-Fullys are so flat – is greedy after fast descents. Even in the steepest terrain, the LAST runs smoothly and provides high-speed reserves. (…) How LAST brings such a harmonious equipment to the bike is a mystery to us: top fork, light system wheels, snappy brakes with large discs, a reverb with 170 milimeters and the brand new remote lever. As already mentioned, no compromises.

Conclusion: Capable Trailbike with downhill genes and superior equipment.”

This is the original quote:

“Mit dem FASTFORWARD geht LAST keine Kompromisse ein. Das tiefschwarze Stahlross mit seinem 64-er Lenkwinkel – nicht mal Enduro-Fullys sind derart flach – giert förmlich nach schnellen Abfahrten. Selbst in steilstem Gelände zieht das LAST laufruhig seine Bahn und bietet auch bei Highspeed noch Reserven. (…) Wie LAST eine derart stimmige Ausstattung ans Rad zaubert, bleibt uns ein Rätsel: Top Gabel, leichte Systemlaufräder, bissige Bremsen mit großen Scheiben, eine Reverb mit 170 Milimetern Hub und dem brandneuen Remote-Hebel. Wie schon erwähnt, keine Kompromisse.

Fazit: Potentes Trailbike mit Downhillgenen und überragender Ausstattung.”

Bikesport – Review

Read here what Bikesport Magazine writes about the FASTFORWARD.


“The FASTFORWARD takes it’s name right: with it’s 29-inch wheels, it marches up the mountain as quickly as possible and feels like an Enduro racing machine. On the one hand it comes from the long wheelbase, on the other hand, from the flat steering angle, thanks to which the LAST lies comfortably in the trail. The wheelbase of the bike can be varied by the slidable dropouts, in principle the slim frame can also be equipped with 27.5 inch wheels.

Conclusion: The name is program: The LAST FASTFORWARD 29 is a versatile steel trail hardtail with long wheelbase. It combines race genes with playfulness in the trail.”

This is the original quote:

“Das FASTFORWARD trägt seinen Namen zu recht: mit seinen 29-Zoll-Laufrädern marschiert es den Berg zügig hinauf und ebenso zügig wieder hinunter und fühlt sich dabei wie eine Enduro-Rennmaschine an. Das liegt einerseits am langen Radstand, andererseits am flachen Lenkwinkel, dank dessen das LAST souverän im Trail liegt. Der Radstand des Bikes kann durch die verschiebbaren Ausfallenden variiert werden, grundsätzlich lässt sich der schlanke Rahmen auch mit 27,5-Zoll-Laufrädern bestücken.

Fazit: Der Name ist Programm: Das LAST FASTFORWARD 29 ist ein vielseitiges Stahl-Trail-Hardtail mit langem Radstand. Es vereint Race-Gene mit Verspieltheit im Trail.” – Review

Read here what writes about the FASTFORWARD.


“In times of endless offers at the high-end carbon area with complex kinematics and suspension systems to super cheap prices, it is very welcome to have a product like the FASTFORWARD. If some frames, that have a ten times (!) higher price, also offer a tenfold higher driving pleasure, is not only doubtful, but after a trip on the FASTFORWARD an almost ridiculous idea. Raw and pure screams the bike for speed and for a lot of home trails in German low mountain ranges it would probably be the ideal tool. The various options of tire widths and wheel sizes, to a combination of both, permit a wide adaptation to the personal preferences and the specific application.

The bike raises questions: Should the people who have come from the unsprung pleasure for mountain biking, now return to its roots? Should those who have never had a hardtail, see that they acquire it now? We say YES – why not? Not only because of its ability to improve the driving skills, but simply because this bike is just outrageous fun and it features modern geometry and handling to show many large manufacturers where the development may go.”

This is the original quote:

“In Zeiten von endlosen Angeboten im High-End-Carbon-Bereich mit komplexen Kinematiken und Dämpfungssystemen zu schwindelerregenden Preisen, ist es sehr zu begrüßen, ein Produkt wie das Last Fastforward als Option zu haben. Ob manche Rahmen, die einen wirklich zehnfach (!) höheren Preis haben, auch einen zehnfach höheren Fahrspaß bieten, ist nicht nur zu bezweifeln, sondern nach einer Fahrt auf dem Fastforward eine nahezu lächerliche Vorstellung. Roh und pur schreit das Bike nach Geschwindigkeit und für eine Vielzahl von Hometrails in deutschen Mittelgebirgen dürfte es vermutlich das ideale Werkzeug sein. Die vielfältigen Optionen an Reifenbreiten und Laufradgrößen, bis hin zu Kombination beider, ermöglichen eine breite Anpassung an die persönlichen Vorlieben und den jeweiligen Einsatzzweck.
Das Rad wirft Fragen auf: Sollten die Leute, die vom ungefederten Vergnügen zum Mountainbiken gekommen sind, jetzt zu ihren Wurzeln zurückkehren? Sollten die, die noch nie ein Hardtail besaßen, zusehen, dass sie eines erwerben? Wir sagen – ja, warum nicht? Nicht allein aufgrund der Möglichkeit, die Fahrtechnik weiter zu verbessern, sondern einfach, weil dieses Rad einfach fast schon unverschämt viel Spaß macht und es mit seiner modernen Geometrie und Fahrverhalten vielen großen Herstellern zeigt, was wirklich funktioniert und wohin die Reise gehen kann.”

Read the full review here in GERMAN.


ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine – Review

Read here what the ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine writes about the FASTFORWARD.


“The FASTFORWARD is supposed to be fun – and it definitely is! Compared to this 29er, very few bikes can corner with such playfulness. If your hometrails are loose, flat, littered with berms and well-built jumps then this bike will serve you majestically.”


“Das FASTFORWARD soll vor allem Spaß machen – und das tut es! Mit nur wenigen Bikes lassen sich Kurven so spielerisch fahren, wie mit diesem 29er. Wessen Hometrails lose oder glatte Böden, Anlieger und sauber gebaute Sprünge besitzen, ist mit diesem Bike bestens bedient…”

See the full review here in GERMAN or ENGLISH.


Every year the World of MTB crew is looking for the best bike products and we are really happy, that we have been selected once again. (PDF-Document).