Showroom Dortmund (Germany)

If you want to see or test ride a specific bike, please get in touch with us before you visit. Someone else may be on a test ride on that day and we don´t want you to be disappointed if the bike you want to see is not available. Checking out the bike in front of the showroom is free, but please bring your ID with you.

Extended test rides are subject to a fee of 50 €. The test rides are subject to the following timing: Bike pick up from our show room Saturdays 12:30. For the return we will discuss the time of return with you. It must be on Tuesday but we are flexible, if necessary, we are available until 21:00. If you purchase a bike or frame within 3 months the test fee will be returned.

Location: Alter Mühlenweg 12, 44139 Dortmund – in the backyard

Phone: +49 (0) 231-53 46 15 91



Opening times: Saturdays 10:00-13:00

Please check our Facebook site for instant updates.

On the following dates the showroom is closed because we run test events somewhere else or due to holidays:

27th of August ’16
3rd of September ’16

29.8. – 5.9. Company holidays (Eurobike)