Léa Weill


• birth date: 03/11/1992
• lives in: Strasbourg, France
• spends her time: Wondering when will be the next riding session.
• interests besides riding: Outdoors sports, volonteer work, social medias
• music preferences: The noise of the ZAKK hub.
• three words, that describe the person you are: Energetic, happy and curious.
• facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leamtbrider
• instagram: @leawll

• rides a: Last ICE, HERB 160 and HERB 204
• riding since: 2006
• is sponsored by: Last Bikes, Dakine, Kore, ….
• what inspires your riding? Getting to do more jumps.
• what´s your favorite riding area? Are bike park in Sweden.
• where do you want to go next? Whistler of course.
• fun riding or hard training? FUN riding.