Crash Replacement

With the introduction of our Crash Replacement Program we want to create a program to help you out in situations which are not covered by any product warranty. We all know that our sport is dangerous and what can happen to us and our bikes from a small mistake. You have invested a reasonable amount of money to buy our products and a small mistake can destroy your frame, for example if you hit a tree and deform your bike. In such cases we give you a noticeable discount on a new product. Below you will find all conditions for the LAST Crash Replacement Program.

Crash Replacement Program conditions for LAST products:

  • You must have a proof of purchase of the product.
  • The product has been pruchased during the last 3 years.
  • The product damage is not the result of wear or corrosion. Bearings, seals and other parts that get destroyed by wear or corrosion are not covered by this program.
  • The product has not been damaged by intention of it´s owner.
  • You must not have claims agains a third party that is responsible for the damage of your LAST product.

The following products are covered by the Crash Replacement Programm: frames and frames delivered in complete bikes. The following parts are NOT covered by the Crash Replacement Programm: Third party components delivered on our complete bikes. For example forks, drivetrain components, …

In the first two years from purchase the discount of the Crash Replacement Programm is 50%, in the third year the discount is 30%, based on the recommended retail price in Germany, incl. tax.

The Crash Replacement Program procedure:


Make a photo of your product.
Send us an email with the photo, a short description of the problem and a copy of the proof of purchase to We will contact you and give you further instructions.